Spectral Surface Albedo Instrument for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (click for larger version.)
3D Printer files
Circuit board schematics and PCB
Arduino Code for both components
Manuscipt describing the instrument and its use.
Point of contact

Contact us if you're interested in having us build you this sensor.


Programmable Amplifier and PGA204 replacement. Click for larger version.

Schematics and board layouts.

Fast Temperature Sensor for the Perlan Project
Board and Schematic version 0. Uses Teensy 3.6 microcontroller. April 2017.
Uses TTL to UART transceiver for communication to the aircraft.
Sketch for the Teensy, and code for looking at GPS output.
Board and Schematic Version 11. Uses Teensy 3.6. May/June 2017
Implements better RF immunity than version 0.

Photodiode for Thorlabs SM1 tube system.

1. Built on OPT101 photodiode with built in transimpedance amplifier.
2. Board is 1" diameter to fit in the 1" lens tube and clear retaining rings.
3. Power supply bypass capacitors on board for cleaning power supply.
4. Can independently program the opamp or use the built in circuit.
5. 14 kHz bandwidth when using built in 1 Megohm resistor.

Schematic: Click for a larger view. RIght click to download image.

Board layout and schematic.

Nephelometer and Weather Measurements with GPS and LCD Screen
Click on Schematic for Larger Version
Arduino Teensyduino code for instrument
Board layout and schematic