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Week 5: 19 February

We will continue working on Assignment 3.


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Discussion of first order time constants.






Week 4: 12 February

We will start working on Assignment 3.


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Discussion of first order time constants.







Week 3: 5 February

We will continue working on Assignment 1. Due date will be 13 February 2018, next Tuesday.

Here's Adafruit's description of an 8 bit shift register.

Stepper motor description, cousin of the servo motor. (local backup).


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Project involving shift register programming.

Shift register image from kit, click on image for larger version.

Data sheet for the shift register.



Week 2: 29 January

Tuesday Class: Tour and balloon launch for atmospheric sampling at the National Weather Service. Arrive at about 2:00 pm. Activities start at 2:15 pm.

Thursday Class: We will continue to work with the Arduino examples to build a foundation for later development of sensors for projects.

Raw data from the balloon launch we attended on Tuesday.



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Perlan project temperature sensor development



Week 1: 22 January

Thursday Class:

We worked with analog to digital conversion with the Arduino. Here's the notes, click image for larger version.

First Class:

We started with electronics, looking at the internal resistance of our digital volt meters, doing bread boarding, discussion of circuits, and started with the Arduino microcontroller.

Click on image for larger version.

Introductions and orientation.
Three places to learn about what is going on in this class:
Daily Notes (here).



A visit to the Reno National Weather Service is planned for 30 January 2018, to view a weather balloon launch, tour, and have a seminar.

First we will look at microcontrollers (Arduino as an implementation).

The first lab assignment has been posted. We'll start on that right away.

[How to write lab report]

Example lab report

ALL WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR A COMMON PURPOSE: To study the atmosphere from many perspectives!


Useful Presentations Collected from Others.
Microcontroller fundamentals.
What is Arduino, view 1?
What is Arduino, view 2?
Spark fun intro to Arduino.
Spark fun data collection with high altitude balloons.
Maker and Arduino philosophy.