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Frank Evans, University of Colorado. Radiation transfer code.

P. Flatau at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. A wealth of particle single scattering code!

Climate and Radiation at NASA Goddard. Warren Wiscombe has some goodies.

NASA FIRE project replicator data (Pat Arnott). Pictures and analysis of ice crystals.

Other FIRE investigators. Cirrus cloud data of a variety of types.


DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ARM project. Need I say more?

Light scattering code and applications from ASU:

WINCE (WINter Cloud Experiment) NASA ER-2 experiment, Madison WI, . The objectives deal with detecting snow, and clouds (particularly cirrus) over snow.

TAMU Ocean and Atmospheric Optics, Texas A&M University. Nice collection of links as well.

Lidar site at the University of Wisconsin. Check out the theses, for example this one.

HITRAN site, high resolution spectoscopy information.


Check out the extinction coefficient of Nitrogen Dioxide gas as a function of wavelength.

The water tragedy.

Infrared Optical Depth for a water cloud, and retrieved droplet size spectrum.

Example of data from the UW AERI infrared sounder.

Exciting cloud consequence of velocity shear in the atmosphere brought forth by crepuscular (twilight) rays.

Atmospheric Sciences Programs

University of Illinois.

University of Washington.

University of Wisconsin.

University of Utah.

North Carolina State University


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