ATMS 790 Student Presentations. (return)

1. Nick Nauslar, "Upper Colorado River Basin Fire Climate Diagnostics".

2. Bo Tan, "Air Quality and Transport Study of the Los Angeles Basin".

3. K.C. King, "Development and Propagation of a Narrow Cold Frontal Rain Band in Northern California".

4. Stephen Noble, "Aerosol Climate Effects: A Review".

5. Benjamin Hatchett, "Soil and Soil Moisture: From Measurement to Mesoscale".

6. Steven Gronstal, "The Omaha Derecho: A case study of the June 27, 2008 storm in Omaha, NE".


9. Evaluation of Commercially available Passive Samplers for Pollutant Saturation Monitoring in Wilmington, CA by Brooks Mason, 30 April 2007.

8. Multichannel Phenomenon of Symmetrical Structure Optical Filter by Guoxon Tian, 23 April 2007.

7. Development and Application of a Nitrogen Oxide (NO_x ) Denuder for the European Photoreactor (EUPHORE) Diesel Transformation Experiments by Shar Samy, 9 April 2007.

6. Simulating the dispersion of rotor-wash entrained dust, by J.D. McAlpine, 2 April 07.

5. Trajectory validation using tracer of opportunity such as fire plume and dust episodes by Narendra Adhikari, 26 Mar 07.

4. Model Simulations of Extreme Orographic Precipitation in the Sierra Nevada by PhillipMarzette, 12 Mar 07.

3. Gaseous and Particulate Emissions from Diesel Generators by Dongzi Zhu, 5 Mar 07.

2. The Problem of Lightning Initiation by Danyal Peterson, 26 Feb 07.

1. Characterizing CCN Spectra to Investigate the Warm Rain Process by Subhashree Mishra