Current Students    
Madhu Gyawali, Ph.D. Physics   Spectral aerosol light scattering and absorption for laboratory and urban aerosol.
Narayan Adhikari, M.S. Physics   FTIR Remote sensing of the atmosphere and retrieval of atmospheric boundary layer temperature and relative humidity.
Ian McCubbin, M.S. Atmospheric Sciences    
Ian Arnold, M.S. Physics    
Students, Graduated Current Affiliation Thesis or Dissertation Title
Yangang Liu, Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences Brookhaven National Laboratory, staff scientist  
Khadeejeh Hamasha, Ph.D. Physics Yarmouk University, professor of Physics  
Kristin Lewis, Ph.D. Physics Mother and guide for her two children. Development of a Dual Wavelength Photoacoustic Instrument for Measurement of Light Absorption and Scattering by Aerosol and Gases
Carl Schmitt, M.S. Atmospheric Sciences National Center for Atmospheric Research  
Mark Turner, M.S. Atmospheric Sciences SAIC  
Carl Schmitt, B.S. Physics National Center for Atmospheric Research  
Quinn Sinnott, B.S. Physics, 2008   Solar Power
Maurie Ratnayake, B.S. Physics, 2008  

Spectral Sun Photometery: It’s History, Purpose and Applications

Jeffrey Genso, Senior Thesis Physics, B.S. 2009


Wind Power Overview and Analysis for Northern Nevada
Ian J. Arnold, Senior Thesis Physics Undergrad 2010 Univ NV Reno Physics Grad. Student Instrument development, especially miniature photoacoustic, circuit board layout, labview programming, field work, welder, lathe and mill user. Paper.
Shammah Chancellor, Senior Thesis Physics Undergrad, and Westfall Scholar Mentor 2010 U.S. Navy A computational model for characterizing the morphology of fractal-like agglomerates from 2 dimensional images.
Ramona Atherton 2010, Senior Thesis Atmospheric Sciences Univ. of Utah Grad School, Atmospheric Sciences Fingerprinting Ambient Elemental Carbon to Determine Source Material
Previous Undergrads/Grads working hourly on projects: Ivan Gibbs, Mike Ossofsky, Rob Abbott (1), Steve Nerad, Jane Niehaus Brooks, Rebecca Cole (2), TJ Ulrich (1) (1) Los Alamos National Lab.
(2) UC Santa Cruz grad student in Ecology.
Arnott, W. P., Hans M. Moosmüller, Robert E. Abbott, and Michael D. Ossofsky, 1995: Thermoacoustic enhancement of photoacoustic spectroscopy: Theory and measurements of the signal to noise ratio. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 66 , 4827-4833.