Challenger Point,CO

Named in memory of the Challenger disaster, Challenger Point is a beautiful tribute to the people who died in this disaster. Accessible from Crestone CO, and beautiful Willow Lake, a nice hike or backpacking trip (beautiful surrounds) puts you in position to enjoy Challenger, at just of 14,000 feet. I also wanted to climb Kit Carson Peak from Kit Carson Avenue, but couldn't find my way up. I apparently did not go down far enough on Kit Carson Avenue to find the path up Kit Carson Peak. Next year.

Figure 1. Me on top of Challenger Peak. Self Photo. (top)

Figure 2. Willow Lake, below Challenger Peak and Kit Carson Peak. Lovely waterfall!. (top)

Figure 3. Our camp site below Willow Lake. (top)

Figure 4. Rock formation above our camp site. (top)

Figure 5a. View of Kit Carson Peak from Challenger Point. Kit Carson Avenue starts on the lip of the
snow bank, and goes over the right edge of the saddle. Crestone Peak is seen on the right. (top)

Figure 5b. Walkin on Kit Carson Avenue... (top)

Figure 6. Tribute to the crew of the shuttle Challenger that were killed in its crash. Note the melt on the 'w' of Crew. (top)