Snowmass Mountain,CO, 14,092'

I had the great fortune to climb Snowmass mountain, actually twice, but this time after a long 15 mile hike to its base with John Walker, in about 1998. We started the hike near Emerald Lake on Scofield pass, and had really in mind that we would end up at Pierre Lakes to climb Capitol Peak. The path from Siberia Lake, near SnowMass mountain, to Pierre Lakes was scouted by John, and he didn't like the loose rock. I think it still might go someday... The usual route to Snowmass Mountain is to go to Snowmass Lake first, though we went instead to Siberia Lake. You can see Snowmass Lake from the top of Snow mass Mountain. We had backpacked to that lake on a loop trip back in about 1982! We could see where we were headed for a long time before getting there. We cooled out feet during a creek crossing. I had some time for contemplation after the peak climb.

Figure 1. Me on top of SnowMass Mountain. The tippy top is actually obtained by putting your hand on top of this rock. I had an absolutely great time on this trip. As you can see, we had a lot of rain. Self Photo. (top)

Figure 2. Snowmass Lake from the top of Snowmass Mountain We had camped at this lake in 1982, and went out to the right, to go to another pass. (top)

Figure 3. Snowmass Mountain from the distance. (top)

Figure 4. A second view of Snow Mass Mountain. (top)

Figure 5. Creek crossing on out way to Snowmass Mountain. (top)

Figure 6. Here I am with my hat on (Elmer) contemplating what a nice hike it was to the top of Snowmass Mountain, background. (top)