Mount Elbert CO

Mount Elbert, Oct 2003, 14,433' ASL. An easy climb, but very windy with a little snow. About 6.5 hours round trip, around 4,000' elevation gain. Spent the night before in Leadville. My camera froze on top (as did my water), else I would have taken more pictures. The half marathon 2 days earlier left my legs a bit spent. (Half Moon campground route, north of Elbert trailhead, route I took) Saw two fellows hiking up also, but they were out of shape and had made poor clothing choices (way too much), so didn't make it. Overall Iwould recommend Elbert to everyone. Could be hot in the summer. Used my trekking poles on the way down, and they really helped! Would recommend them to all, especially fat, old, out of shape people like me.