ATMS 317 Homework (return to main page)

Homework problems are intended to help you master the course material. You are strongly encouraged to work with others, but make your submitted homework a unique expression of your knowledge of the material.
A more thorough discussion of this process is given here.

Example 1 of an easy to read, clear homework page. (Nice handwriting with a pen, on one side of the page only).
Example 2 of a word-processed homework page.

All homework will be turned in through webcampus as either Microsoft Word or Powerpoint Presentation documents.

ASSIGNMENT 1 Weather Discussion .

Purpose: Become familiar with weather observations and model output.
This assignment will be repeated throughout the semester for various locations.

Each student will lead a weather discussion for Reno's weather for about 5 to 15 minutes during the beginning of class.
Each student will be assigned a day.
Discuss from the large scale and work to the smaller scale.
Some sites to use for your discussion are below. You can use others too.
Note that this will be a conversation led by the student, everyone participates in the discussion.

1. Make a MSword document that lists your links that you're going to use for the discussion. Turn this in through WebCampus.
2. Discussion of the weather in Reno (or throughout the country, etc) based on use of your links.

Forecast page including discussion of how to do one.
Other tools.

ASSIGNMENT 2 Mathematics review.

Purpose: To become familiar with and/or review mathematics of fluid dynamics and meteorology.

Read chapter 1 of Martin's book.

Here is the assignment.

Note: The coordinates of the Physics building are
Latitude= 39.540980° Longitude=-119.814090°.


ASSIGNMENT 3 Chapter 2 problems on Fundamental and Apparent Forces

Purpose: Practice with apparent and fundamental forces.

Read chapter 2.
Do problems 2.2, 2.7, and 2.10.
Show your work.


ASSIGNMENT 4: Weather Discussion
Same idea as in Assignment 1.
Concentrate more on the relationship of surface pressure and the upper level flow, like the 500 mb level.
Also, look at the 700 mb level model output.


ASSIGNMENT 5 Thermal wind homework problem. Notes for this problem.


ASSIGNMENT 6 Chapter 3 problems on Mass, Momentum, and Energy

Purpose: Develop an intuitive understanding of this chapter's concepts.

Read chapter 3.
Do problems 3.1, 3.7, and this problem on the Chukchi sea.
Problem 3.1 has an error in the solution quoted in the text.

ASSIGNMENT 7 Chapter 4 problems on Applications of the Fundamental Equations

Purpose: Connect meteorological concepts with theoretical analysis of them.