ATMS 317

Daily Notes

Forecast Tools

Tropical Meteorology

Time and Place:    Tuesday/Thursday 10:30AM - 11:45AM, Room 253 LMR

Primary Book: Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Dynamics: A First Course.  By Jonathan E. Martin.

Secondary Books: Applied Atmospheric Dynamics by Amanda H. Lynch and John J. Cassano. Link1. Link2.

National Weather Service Online Weather School.

Practical, enjoyable, here it is book: Weather Analysis and Forecasting Handbook by Tim Vasquez.

Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics by John Marchall and R. Alan Plumb
(Companion site for second book. Links to websites used in this book.)

Optional Introductory Textbook as a Reference: Meteorology Today: An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment.
The author is C. Donald Ahrens.

Optional Free Comprehensive Textbook Using Algebra:
Stull, R., 2017: "Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science" -version 1.02b.  Univ. of British Columbia.  940 pages.  isbn 978-0-88865-283-6 .

Data Sources
National Center for Environmental Predicition Reanalysis data.
Hysplit backtrajectory data.
Plymouth State University data.
CSU data site links.
NCAR real time weather.
NCAR experimental real time weather.
Awesome atmospheric circulation site.
Columbia University climate site.
NWS Standard barotropic level fax charts.
Unisys weather home site.

1. PWAT climatology - Shows current sounding vs. PWAT and 700 temp climatology
2. ModTrend - Shows the model trend of the GFS runs over time. Includes a training video.
3. Atmospheric River tools - This is my favorite new site for the winter time. The Ensemble Tool is especially helpful for tracking AR's.
4. HI RES GEFS Reforecasts - New High Resolution precipitation forecasts. 


Meteorological Software Packages
Unidata General Meteorological Package (GEMPACK). Tutorial.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather and Climate Toolkit (see overview).
McIDAS-V (Man computer Interactive Data Access System) software package for meteorological applications.

Satellite and NOAA Weather Data Sources
Browse global geostationary satellite data. View nearly every location on the Earth at three hourly intervals from 1980 to present.
Imagery from NOAA's Environmental Visualization Laboratory showing imagery related to current weather and climate events.
Daily summary observations from stations.

Online Resources
Weather forecasting school site.
Very nice meteorology course.
Very nice cloud atlas.
Online climate course.
On line learning, radiation transfer, climate, weather, and fog. (MetEd program).
On line learning, textbook and slides for synoptic meteorology (start here: the slides that come with it are here).
On line learning, basic concepts in environmental sciences. (US EPA).
On line meteorological training course from the U of I.
Vector field calculation and display.


Specific Sites and Modules

Principles of Convection I: Buoyancy and CAPE
Principles of Convection II: Using Hodographs
Principles of Convection III: Shear and convective storms
Severe Convection: Mesoscale Convective Systems
Slantwise Convection Atmospheric Instability
Radar signatures for severe convective weather

Topics in Dynamical Meteorology: Pressure Gradient Force
Topics in Dynamical Meteorology: Thermal Wind
SkewT Mastery

Balanced Flows tutorial from Plymouth State University

How Tornados Form

Haby's Meteorology Site
850 mb Level Chart and thermal advection
700 mb Level Chart
500 mb Level Chart
300 mb Level Chart
Now showing at the ATMS 317 movie theatre ...
Coriolis force movie.
Geostrophic wind movie.
Cold front in winter movie.
Warm front in winter movie.
Temperature and molecular movement movie.
Ice crystal growth effect in clouds movie.


Introduction to Tropical Meteorology, 2nd Edition, Chapter 5: The Distribution of Moisture and Precipitation

GOES-R Environmental Monitoring from Geostationary Satellite