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Presentation 8th graders

Atmospheric Science
Firenado (is it a Fire Tornado?)
Clouds use the sky as tapestry for their art: Kelvin Helmholtz instability
Cloud droplet demo using balloons to represent the surface tension energy barrier. eFlatSurface/eCloudDroplet = exp(-SurfaceTensionEnergy/ThermalEnergy). STE=σ4πr2, TE=3NkT/2 N=4πr3n/3, n=#H20_Molecules/volume. Nucleate universe.
Weather balloon measurements from around the world.
Satellite imagery of the atmosphere and surface from MODIS.
GOES satellite imagery.
Jet stream level from Earth School, Global view.
Weather models
Weather on one page
Infrared Camera use in a demonstration and relation to solar and IR radiation in the atmosphere.
Crush aluminum cans using atmospheric pressure: Put a little water in can, heat to boiling on a hot plate, quickly flip over and place in a shallow pan of water. Crush is dramatic, prepare audience ahead of time.
Rotating chair ice skater conservation of angular momentum example.

Great Basin Astronomical Observatory of Nevada
Examples of the GBO science
Tabby's star
How Astronomers find planets in other star systems.
Nucleation of the Universe.

Dark matter dark energy.
GPS satellites
WIMP THEORY OF DARK MATTER: Consider WIMPS: Weakly interacting massive particles, they comprise 75% of the universe, in theory, though haven't been proven to exist in reality.
They interact with matter only through the weak nuclear force and gravity.
Their concentration is around 1000/m3. They travel at 220 km/sec.
Their mass is 100x the proton. Their cross section for interaction with protons is 10-42 cm2.
WIMPS see protons in matter via the weak nuclear force -> so the cross sections for interaction with protons should be much larger when matter is very dense and hot so that protons are in nuclear states that interact well with WIMPs, in analogy to the way that atmospheric infrared cross sections for absorption depend on the thermally driven energy level populations.
Example calculation: how long between collisions of WIMPS with protons in our head?