Here are some programs I /we have written for various uses.


Calculate Rayleigh Scattering by Argon, Air, and CO2 as a function of pressure, temperature, and wavelength. (Perl source code).

Calculate Air Mass and Rayleigh Optical Depth for sunphotometer data analysis uses. (Perl source code).



Fortran code to simulate measurement uncertainties and histograms of instrument response for the photoacoustic instruments (especially used during CARES).

Fortran code for calculating Angstrom coefficients, scattering, absorption, and extinction by spheres (two wavelengths). This code is NOT optimized at all, but gets the job done.

Fortran code for converting space delimited data to comma delimited data. (25May2017)

Fortran code and example for extracting boundary layer height from balloon soundings, using Theta with height.



Sketches for setting and reading the real time clock (RTC) on the Teensy 3.x microcontroller. (very useful).

Arduino code we wrote in 2013 for measurement and data logging CO2, T, and RH using the Telaire sensor, and the SHT75 temperature and RH sensor.

Teensy project/code for building an aerosol light scattering instrument (nephelometer).

Teensy 3.6 code for PM PMS5003 PM1, PM2.5, PM10 sensor, including Teensy clock, and write to MicroSD.

Teensy 3.6 code for the Perlan project, including code for setting the RTC, and writing to the MicroSD card.



Labview program for controlling an sonic anemometer; also provides measures of turbulence in quasi real time. Version for RD Young anemometer, produces comma delimited text.

Labview program for controlling Applied Automation anemometer, written for LV 8.6.

Labview sound card application for using the mic port on a windows computer to look at time and frequency domain signals.