Patents of W. Patrick Arnott and Colleagues:

1. 6,662,627 Photoacoustic instrument for measuring particles in a gas. December 16, 2003.

2. 7,173,697 Low truncation loss, non-reciprocal nephelometer with integrating sphere. February 6, 2007.

3. 7,710,566 Method and Apparatus for Photoacoustic Measurements. May 4th, 2010.

Patents Pending:
1. Chakrabarty, R. K., H. Moosmüller, and W. P. Arnott (2007). Morphology Selection of Particles Using Electrostatic Charge. United States Patent, pending.

2. Moosmüller, H. and W. P. Arnott (2005). Instrument for Measuring the Aerosol Asymmetry Parameter. United States Patent, pending.