Arnott's committee work
College of Science Course and Curriculum Committee, UNR.
UNR Subcommittee for Science Core for undergraduates.
Wagner Women's Award Committee for Scholarship by Atmsopheric Sciences Students in the US (DRI)
Curriculum Committee, Graduate Program in Atmospheric Sciences.
Comprehensive Exam Committee, Graduate Program in Atmospheric Sciences.
Chair, Steering Committee, Undergraduate Atmospheric Sciences Program.
Various UNR Ad-hoc committees.
Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Physics and Atmospheric Sciences.
Faculty Advisor, attend all monthly meetings, UNR student chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

Other Accomplishments

Orchestrated a UNR university-wide site license for instrument control, data acquisition, and analysis software (with the help and funds of others), 2008-2009.


Graduate faculty member, UNR Physics.
Graduate faculty member, UNR Atmospheric Sciences Program.
Air and Waste Management Association
American Geophysical Union
American Meteorological Society
Acoustical Society of America
Adjunct professor of Physics, University of Mississippi

Professional Duties and Accomplishments

Coeditor with Ken Sassen, Special issue of Light and Color in the Open Air, Optical Society of America
Reviewer, journal of geophysical reseaerch, atmospheric chemistry and physics, atmospheric environment, journal of the acoustical society of America, American Association for Aerosol Research.
Review proposals for NSF, DOE, NASA.
2009, will become active as a coeditor of the American Association for Aerosol Research.